Megillas Rus explained with Rabbi Mordechai Goodman

Rabbi Mordechai Goodman

Megillas Rus (The Scroll of Ruth) was written by Shmuel HaNovi (Samuel the Prophet) about events in 2792/968 BCE (around 260 years into the period of Shoftim/Judges).

This Megillah tells of social change, hardship, loyalty, courage, kindness and understanding of how G-d guides one’s life.

The Megillah relates how a Moabite princess desired to convert to Judaism and how her mother-in-law guided her spiritually and materially. Her unusual marriage, to an aged judge, develops the line of the Messiah from very unlikely origins, along a mysterious, divinely inspired path.

In this series of shiurim, Rabbi Mordechai Goodman, of Jewish Education in Manchester (JEM), provides historic and cultural placement of related events, chapter overviews and deep verse-by-verse analysis. This course also attempts to explore some of the essential themes of Megillas Rus.

We hope this will provide you deep insight into, and appreciation of, the messages of this profound Megillah.

Shiurim on Megillas Rus by Rabbi Goodman

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