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A Yasher Koach for being mezake the world with these daily shiurim.

I'm a long lost Manchester boy living in USA for over 20 years I still have family living in Manchester, so when I come back from time to time I make it my priority to be at the TorahWay Shiurim .

I sit in a studio in Manhattan 9 hours a day taking pictures of products, I don't get to see people all day. So for the first 7 years I was in my studio, I was listening to music (and some shiurim) throughout the day, until one day my friend tells me that the company we work for found your website. There is no words to explain how it has changed my life. My wife, my kids and my ROV wants to know how I became such a Talmid Chochom. Especially Rabbi Yossi Chazan Shlita and Rabbi Shimon Kaplin Shlita. Their shiurim I write down and have been repeated over at simchas, chaburas and many other events (of course always been said Beshem Omroy).


P.S. Keep up the good work!!

Yisroel ben Dovid Gershon, New York (Nov '13)

Just to say 'thank you' for making this amazing Torah resource available.

The Shiurim have enhanced many journeys and enabled me [and I'm sure countless others] to be able to fulfill the Mitzva of "Uv'lecht'cho Baderech" with such 'Hidur'.

It's mamash a great site - and I've downloaded lots of terrific Shiurim - I like the way it's done where you can track individual speakers - and being that I drive to/from school St/Hill/Hendon - every day - I get hours of quality Torah from the London and M/c SYDTTW sites.

Rabbi B. Katz, London (12th May '09)

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful idea! As an ex-sem student of the BSS sem of Manchester, I discovered with great pleasure that I would now be able to listen to my rabbonim's shiurim through this amazing "Torah Way"!

It's really a great chizuk for me, and I am sure that this is the case for many ex- sem girls too!

Thank you very much!

Tizku lamitsvos!

Yehudit, Paris (Sept '09)

Just a quick note to thank you for the tremendous Zikui L'Rabim.

Whenever I visit my family in Manchester, I make a point of stopping in Machzikei Hadas to chapp a good Shiur - always relevant.

Over the past few months, I've downloaded many Shiurim from many of my favourite speakers. That this site has such a selection of top quality recordings of Shiurim by such an unbelievable selection of Maggidei Shiurim, on such a slew of topics, and doesn't even charge for it, is truly a Kiddush HaShem! What it has done to Manchester, and indeed inspired other Kehillos to follow suit, attests to the true Torah, Avoda and Gemillus Chasadim behind it all.

Thanks to you, I no longer am tuned into the radio as I drive. When you can download so many Shiurim - there's just no excuse! From start to finish, this program is extremely well orchestrated: from the bright, informative posters, to the engaging Droshas, from the recordings to the easy to use website - Yasher Koach!!

Let me know when the credit card donation becomes available

Chaim, USA (25 June '08)