If you would like to make a donation towards the running costs of Start Your Day The Torah Way, we would be very grateful. You can donate by clicking the button below. Payment will be taken by PayPal, so your details will be safe.

Your payment will be made to TESHUVOH TEFILLOH TZEDOKOH, who have generously agreed to accept charitable donations on our behalf.

Note that when you get to the PayPal page, you will need to enter the amount you wish to donate, and then click the "Update totals" button. If you don't do this, then you will get an error saying you must enter an amount greater than zero. Unfortunately, this is an issue with PayPal, and we have no control over it.

We would like to say a hearty y'shar koch'chem to all those who have already donated, and extra special thanks to one anonymous individual who has given so generously. May he be zoche to be showered by the abundant brochos of the Ribbono Shel Olam.