Derech Hashem - דרך השם with Rabbi Mordechai Goodman

Rabbi Mordechai Goodman

Written by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzatto (Ramcha"l) in the late 1700s "Derech Hashem" (The Way of G-d) is considered one of the quintessential handbooks of Jewish thought. It covers all philosophical topics in the vast spectrum of classical Judaism's outlook on the world.

Derech Hashem covers a diverse range of topics, including the purpose of creation, The Creator, human responsibility, the spiritual realms, providence, Israel & the nations, astrology, the human soul, theurgy, prophecy, the study of Torah, prayer & the function of mitzvah observance. All these are brought in a clear flowing structure that builds on previous topics.

As the work is written in a very concise manner, it's often necessary to expound the material to gain clarity. In this audio series Rabbi Mordechai (Mitchell) Goodman, director of Jewish Education in Manchester, guides us through the profound and meaningful concepts that are so eye-opening and life enriching. It's our hope that you will be very enriched by following this unique series.

Shiurim on Derech Hashem by Rabbi Goodman

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