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Rabbi Mordechai Goodman

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Date 11 February 2019
Speaker Rabbi Mordechai Goodman (click to see more details and other shiurim)
Title Tefillah & The Amidah - Birchas Kohanim pt.2
Summary The 6 conditions of Birkas Kohanim. No Targum for Birkas Kohanim. The Avos link with each of the lines. 3 parts of Torah, 3 parts of Klall Yisroel, 3rd month, 3rd day, 3rd man, 3rd Clan, 3rd planet = 3 folded blessing. Why the Kohanim have to mention the decent from Aharon. Why given with love? Why 15 words in 3, 5, 7 Prime-number ascension?
Categories Hashkofo, Tefillah
Kol Haloshon number

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