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Kol Haloshon

The Kol Haloshon network allows you to listen to thousands of shiurim over the telephone. They have a huge range of shiurim available, including a full archive of Start Your Day The Torah Way shiurim, both from Manchester and elsewhere.

If you would like to hear any of our shiurim over the telephone, please ring 0161 798 5500, then press 1 for English, then 9 for Start Your Day The Torah Way, then 1 for Manchester, and finally choose the shiur number you would like to hear. Note that these numbers do change occasionally, so please listen carefully when dialling.

Important: Due to the number of shiurim we have on Kol Haslohon, we now have a section number and shiur number. The number shown in the shiur listings and on the posters will be of the form 10-123, which means section 10, shiur 123. When choosing a shiur in Kol Haloshon, please enter the section number first, and then the shiur number.

The Kol Haloshon shiur number is always shown on the Torah Way posters.