About Torah Way, Manchester

Start Your Day The Torah Way (SYDTTW) was founded by a group of young men in Manchester who wanted a morning shiur before beginning their day's work. They initially approached Rabbis Moshe Kupetz, Yossi Chazzan and Shimon Kaplin, to ask if they would be willing to give shiurim, one week at a time.

Realising that this was a major commitment, the idea was modified to having different speakers each day, with these three speakers forming the core. When Rabbi Kupetz was approached, he was learning with Rabbi Moishe Stamler, who thought of the name "Start Your Day The Torah Way".

The first week of speakers was arranged with some fear that no-one would turn up to listen. Posters were put up in local shuls, and B"H, over one hundred people came along to the first shiur.

Bli ayin horo, the attendance of the shiurim has grown tremendously, and SYDTTW has become something of an institution in Manchester. We are very proud of the fact that our success has initiated similar events elsewhere...


We are deeply indebted to the following people/organisations for their assistance (names in alphabetical order):-

Hashem should shower you all with brocho and hatzlocho!