In the press

Over the years, Torah Way has been featured in various articles in the media. Sadly, we seem to have lost most of these, so can't show them off! However, here are the ones we can find. If you know of any others, please let us know.

Here are some press cuttings, newest first...

Machzekei Hadass's weekly newsletter - 1st Aug '14

The first paragraph does not relate to TW, but the second does.

Jewish Tribune - 15th Sept '04

In honour of the first anniversary of Torah Way.

Hamodia - 8th Sept '04

Also in honour of the first anniversary of Torah Way. Unfortunately, the quality of this page was a little poor, but you can still read it.

Jewish Tribune - Sept '04

Also around the time of the first anniversary

Jewish Tribune - 6th Nov '03

Our first exposure to the national press, celebrating our launch.