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Nitzovim - 25th Sep '16 to 1st Oct '16
25th Sep '16 Rabbi Shloime Angel
25th Sep '16 Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart
"Hilchos Bishul: Second Portion Of Soup, May I Reuse The Ladel?"
26th Sep '16 Rabbi Dovid Eisenberg
Ki Savo - 18th Sep '16 to 23rd Sep '16
18th Sep '16 Rabbi Motti Posen
"100 Brochos - Part 2"
18th Sep '16 Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart
"Hilchos Bishul: May I Sneak Out A Bit Of Cholent On Friday Night?"
video not available
19th Sep '16 Rabbi Yisroel Meir Salzer
19th Sep '16 Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart
"May I Reheat My Liver In Mushroom Sauce On Shabbos Morning?"
20th Sep '16 Rabbi Chanoch Greenblat
20th Sep '16 Rabbi Yisroel Friedman
"May I Say Selichos Before Chatzos?"
21st Sep '16 Rabbi Yossi Chazan
21st Sep '16 Rabbi Moshe Lobenstein
"Kosheh LeShikcha"
22nd Sep '16 Rabbi Eli Pick
23rd Sep '16 Rabbi Menachem Schleider
Ki Sietzei - 11th Sep '16 to 17th Sep '16
11th Sep '16 Rabbi Michoel Kritzler
11th Sep '16 Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart
"Summary Of Hilchos Losh"
12nd Sep '16 Rabbi Dovid Rose
12nd Sep '16 Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart
"Hilchos Bishul"
13th Sep '16 Rabbi Menachem Lieberman
13th Sep '16 Dayan Aharon Dovid Dunner
"Hilchos Brochos"
13th Sep '16 Rabbi Mitchell Goodman
"Derech Hashem, Part 57 (The Order of the Day, part 1)"
video not available
14th Sep '16 Rabbi Motti Posen
"Mirror Mirror On The Wall"
14th Sep '16 Dayan Aharon Dovid Dunner
15th Sep '16 Rabbi Yossi Chazan
16th Sep '16 Rabbi Avrohom Moshe Lampin
Shoftim - 4th Sep '16 to 10th Sep '16
4th Sep '16 Rabbi Yechiel Emanuel
4th Sep '16 Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart
"Making A Thick Mixture On Shabbos"
5th Sep '16 Rabbi Boruch Krasner
5th Sep '16 Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart
"Practical Demo To Make Egg & Mayo on Shabbos"
6th Sep '16 Rabbi Yehoshua Jacobson (Manchester)
"Getting The Most Out Of Elul"
6th Sep '16 Rabbi Dovid Eisenberg
"Do You Need To Tell People Exactly What You Did To Ask Mechila?"
6th Sep '16 Rabbi Mitchell Goodman
"Derech Hashem, Part 56 (Prayer)"
video not available
7th Sep '16 Rabbi Moshe Wolberg
7th Sep '16 Rabbi Daniel Walker
"Saying It Right : Mispronuciations In Davening"
8th Sep '16 Rabbi Yossi Chazan
audio not available
9th Sep '16 Rabbi Yisroel Friedman
R'ei - 28th Aug '16 to 3rd Sep '16
28th Aug '16 Rabbi Pinchos Schneebalg
29th Aug '16 Rabbi Refoel Katz
"Hakoras Hatoiv"
30th Aug '16 Rabbi Jeremy Stanton
31st Aug '16 Rabbi Zvi Silber
"Hilchos Birchas Hamozoin"
1st Sep '16 Rabbi Eliezer Heilpern
"Hilchos Mechikas Hashem"
video not available
2nd Sep '16 Rabbi Yehoshua Yaakov Katz
video not available

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