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Terumo - 26th Feb '17 to 4th Mar '17
Mishpotim - 19th Feb '17 to 25th Feb '17
19th Feb '17 Rabbi Menachem Lieberman
19th Feb '17 Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart
"Hilchos Hatmono: My Hot Plate Has Gone Off On Shabbos, Can I Wrap A Towel Around It?"
20th Feb '17 Rabbi Boruch Krasner
"Should You Be Mevatel Torah For The Megilla?"
20th Feb '17 Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart
"Hilchos Hatmono: May I Use A Tea Cosy?"
21st Feb '17 Rabbi Benjy Rickman
"Looking After The Vunerable"
21st Feb '17 Rabbi Ari Thumim
"Medicine In Halachah - PART 1: Can I Give My Child A Non Kosher Medicine?"
21st Feb '17 Rabbi Mitchell Goodman
"Derech Hashem, Part 73 (Essay on Fundamentals, part 10) - Last In Series"
video not available
22nd Feb '17 Rabbi Eliyohu Rosenbaum
"Conquering Midos"
22nd Feb '17 Rabbi Shmuel Halpern
"Do Chips From A Fleishig Restaurant Make Me Fleishig?"
23rd Feb '17 Rabbi Yossi Chazan
"Mishenichnas Adar Marbim BeSimcha!"
Yisro - 12nd Feb '17 to 18th Feb '17
12nd Feb '17 Rabbi Shimon Verbov
"Asking Hashem On Shabbos"
12nd Feb '17 Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart
"Hilchos Chazoro: Turning On & Off Radiators On Shabbos, Is It Allowed?"
13th Feb '17 Rabbi Ari Thumim
"Zochoir Es HaShabbos"
13th Feb '17 Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart
"Hilchos Hatmono: Introduction To Hatmono"
14th Feb '17 Rabbi Zvi Silber
"Is Your Tefillin In The Correct Place? - Part 2"
14th Feb '17 Rabbi Yitzchok Uri Falk
14th Feb '17 Rabbi Mitchell Goodman
"Derech Hashem, Part 72 (Essay on Fundamentals, part 9)"
video not available
15th Feb '17 Rabbi Yossi Chazan
"Matan Torah"
15th Feb '17 Rabbi Dovid Eisenberg
16th Feb '17 Rabbi Aaron Hersh
"The Life & Effects Of The Shabtai Tzvi"
17th Feb '17 Rabbi Mordechai Steinberg
"Matan Torah"
Beshalach - 5th Feb '17 to 11th Feb '17
5th Feb '17 Rabbi Yehuda Marmorstein
5th Feb '17 Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart
"Hilchos Chazoro: Electric Hotplate Coming On During Shabbos - May I Put Food On It?"
6th Feb '17 Rabbi Binyomin Goldblatt
6th Feb '17 Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart
"Hilchos Chazoro: Final Halochos Of Chazoro"
7th Feb '17 Rabbi Dovid Eisenberg
7th Feb '17 Rabbi Shloime Wolf
"Yichud With A Babysitter"
8th Feb '17 Rabbi Motti Posen
"Shabbos Tu B'Shvat"
8th Feb '17 Rabbi Yossi Moore
"Is "15 Fruit" Really A Must?"
9th Feb '17 Rabbi Yossi Chazan
10th Feb '17 Rabbi Avrohom Moshe Lampin
"Saying Shiro BeSimcha"
Bo - 29th Jan '17 to 4th Feb '17
29th Jan '17 Rabbi Zvi Silber
"Are You Wearing Your Tefillin On The Correct Place? Are You Sure….'"
29th Jan '17 Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart
"Hilchos Chazoro: How Can I Reheat My Cold Chicken?"
30th Jan '17 Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart
"Hilchos Chazoro: Chazoro On Erev Shabbos"
30th Jan '17 Rabbi Eliezer Heilpern
31st Jan '17 Rabbi Ephraim Pines
31st Jan '17 Rabbi Yisroel Friedman
"Eating According To Halocho"
31st Jan '17 Rabbi Mitchell Goodman
"Derech Hashem, Part 71 (Essay on Fundamentals, part 8)"
video not available
1st Feb '17 Rabbi Shloime Chrysler
1st Feb '17 Rabbi Moshe Lobenstein
"We Started To Bench & Forgot To Do Zimun, What Can We Still Do?"
2nd Feb '17 Rabbi Yossi Chazan
3rd Feb '17 Rabbi Yehoshua Shimshon Brunner
4th Feb '17 Dayan Osher Yakov Westheim-Motzei Shabbos Series
"Hilchos Kibud Av V'Eim - Part 12 (Last Shiur In This Season) "

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