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R'ei - 13th Aug '17 to 19th Aug '17
Eikev - 6th Aug '17 to 12th Aug '17
Vo'eschanon - 30th Jul '17 to 2nd Sep '17
30th Jul '17 Rabbi Aron Litwin
"Tisha B'Av : Do We Really Hate Each Other?"
30th Jul '17 Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart
"Halochos Of Tisha B'Av"
31st Jul '17 Rabbi Yehuda Marmorstein
"How To End The Chorban"
1st Aug '17 Mr Elazar (Leslie) Kleinman
"We Are ONE People - (TURN UP VOLUME)"
video not available
1st Aug '17 Rabbi Avrohom Moshe Lampin
"Yearning For Moshiach"
video not available
1st Aug '17 Rabbi Shmuel Osher Schlamme
video not available
1st Aug '17 Rabbis G. Miller & Y. Friedman
"Kinnos 5777 Explained - First 9 minutes a bit quiet - Full Recording"
video not available
Devorim - 23rd Jul '17 to 29th Jul '17
23rd Jul '17 Rabbi Zvi Silber
"Halochos For Holidays'"
23rd Jul '17 Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart
"Hilchos Tzoivei'a; Introduction To Tzoivei'a"
24th Jul '17 Rabbi Mitchell Goodman
"Tefillah & The Amidah - Intro Part 2"
video not available
24th Jul '17 Rabbi Shmuel Halpern
24th Jul '17 Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart
"Hilchos Tzoivei'a ; Can I Wipe Up Blood With A Towel?"
25th Jul '17 Rabbi Zvi Gefen
25th Jul '17 Rabbi Motti Posen
"Halochos Of The 9 Days"
26th Jul '17 Rabbi Moshe Lobenstein
26th Jul '17 Rabbi Pinchos Weiss
"Kashering Kitchens & Using Their Utensils On Holiday"
27th Jul '17 Rabbi Yossi Chazan
28th Jul '17 Rabbi Binyomin Singer
Mattos Massei - 16th Jul '17 to 22nd Jul '17
16th Jul '17 Rabbi Yehoshua Lock
16th Jul '17 Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart
"Hilchos Menapetz : New Melocho - Can I Tear Cotton Wool Ball?"
17th Jul '17 Rabbi Mitchell Goodman
"Tefillah & the Amida - Intro Part 1"
video not available
17th Jul '17 Rabbi Aryeh Shloime Weissbart
"Hilchos Menapetz : May One Comb Ones Sheital On Shabbos?"
17th Jul '17 Rabbi Boruch Krasner
18th Jul '17 Rabbi Aron Springer
18th Jul '17 Rabbi Moshe Lobenstein
"Kavono In Tefilla"
19th Jul '17 Rabbi Yisroel Friedman
"Understanding Bnei GAD & Bnei Reuvain"
19th Jul '17 Rabbi Chaim Nosson Halpern
"Can I Answer My Phone In The Middle Of Learning?"
20th Jul '17 Rabbi Yossi Chazan
21st Jul '17 Harav Gavriel Knopfler

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