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Rabbi Mordechai Goodman

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Date 27 January 2020
Speaker Rabbi Mordechai Goodman (click to see more details and other shiurim)
Title Tefillah & The Amidah - Shabbos Shacharis pt.5 & Mussaf pt.1
Summary How the days of Creation desired Shabbos themselves! The Ari says we shouldn't mention the remembrance of Creation at Shacharis. Is Tikanta with a Kof or a Kuf? Why don't we read a Maftir on Shabbos for the Korban Shabbos, like Yom Tov? Link between Korbanos, Shabbos, Bris Mila & Olam Haboh.
Categories Emuno & Bitochon, Hashkofo, Tefillah
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